Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Trying to catch up...

Bare with me! I'm working on catching up on the blog! I've gotten enough flack from people, so I will see if I can get caught up for you all and since this is the only "baby book" I have I'd better get rolling, right? Ha! Well, here's a start...

Happy 3rd Birthday Maddox!

As usual, we did our Halloween themed birthday party for Maddox and everyone came dressed to impress! Maddox was Buzz Lightyear, his favorite character of the year for sure!

His other favorite movie is Shrek, so Grandpa Robby came as Shrek, Grandma Michelle as Princess Fiona and Uncle Scott as the Donkey

Halloween treat cakes!

Present time!

I was Heidi, the German Bar Maid
Princess Fiona
"Happy Birthday to you...."

Corey thought it'd be good to get a picture of me serving up the milk....maybe it should have been in those jumbo mugs.
Uncle Andy working with Maddox to put together his new lego car.

Grandma Jane and Auntie Jenna playing a little Candyland.

To infinity and beyond!
Well, my baby's 3! I can't believe it! Before I know it, he's gonna be 6 ft tall and out weigh me! Yikes!

Hot fall in the neighborhood

Evan, Caleb and Maddox enjoying a hot fall day outside after the Vikings game, too cute with their shirts off!
Caleb is a bit bigger than Maddox...

Hanging out with Jacob, Caleb's little brother.
Maddox swimming in one of the local lakes at the park.

2009 Breast Cancer 3-day!

Corey brought Maddox out to cheer on his mama and everyone else on the DuBar Dolls 3-day team and he had a blast!

He also got to hang out with our best cheering crew, Uncle Steve, Mindy and Miley. Two cuties in pink!

Maddox came to visit the team this year in camp!

We did it!!! Another 60 miles done!
Cheers to 2009! Here we come 2010!!!

How Maddox eats a cookie!

Colonel Colvill!

Corey took Maddox out to see Colonel Colvill this summer in Cannon Falls since it's so close to Grandma Jane and Grandpa Chuck's house

Of course, a typical boy, Maddox found a stick to play with while he was there.

It's a little bigger than him I think.

Random 2009 Summer Happenings

This past summer, Maddox took to my passion for cookie dough, so we made many batches of cookie dough, but really not very many cookies! :)

Maddox also did a lot of golfing with his daddy. I think we have a little golpher on our hands. All winter Maddox has been asking when the grass will be green again so he can go out golfing.

Sibling picture just before we went out to a movie for Scott's birthday back in July

Sunday, August 16, 2009

July week at the cabin!

Sorry it's been a while....I've been a little busy. Here's the pics from our July week as a family up at the cabin!

Maddox practicing fishing in the little pool

Rowan trying to catch Maddox, "I'm outta here!"
4th of July - my little man!
My dad and I almost won the water balloon toss....but not quite.
But we did win this barnyard game - we were team Jackass!
Karaoke night! Elvis even made an appearance!
And so did this guy....props and all!

My mom and I and our infamous Vikings mugs!
Mom & Dad
Me and my sis
The girls

"Um, my auntie Angie is a bit odd"

We have a future buck hunter on our hands...I hope!
Nothin' like lunch out on the patio.
Um, breakfast with Wimbledon went a little long this particular morning (what a final match!). Needless to say, someone was anxious to get dressed and get outside, so he did what he could to get our attention.
All you can eat crab legs night!
Me and my little man!
Say cheese!

The crab leg eating crew!

Um, yeah. He doesn't eat crab legs.

Too cute!
Me and my daddy
Who wants a skillet scramble made by yours truly?
Morning coffee and cookies in Nisswa
Then off to mini golf...

Rowan contemplating a very serious shot
Maddox has become quite the golfer this year thanks to his daddy. Corey takes him out almost every week!

My little California Dude!
Who's up for grilling some meat? Filet night!!!
Perfectly cooked.....my dad grills a mean filet.
Yea, no words for this one.

My mom's new favorite wine....she bought a case!!!

The cob on top was eaten my Corey and the cob on the bottom by myself....I rest my case. I don't waste a single bite of corn!
We only caught one this night, but I promised my mom that I'd clean it....they're her favorite!

My fish cleaning buddy!
My mom's 49th birthday party!
And your present is...
A portable outdoor firepit!!!

Maddox helped me put the frame together....such a little helper. He loves tools.

Taco night at the legion!
My mom paid for everyone's dinner....she won big on pull tabs!
It's always great to be the birthday girl!
Margarita's from scratch with Patron...priceless!

Out fishing!

"Maddox, look at all the fish!"
Nice dad.
Goofy little toddlers!

Sibling pic - this was when we got together at my house for some cake and headed to the new Harry Potter flick for my little brother's birthday. Happy birthday Scott!